Our Lady of Blades (silverblade666) wrote in the_wall_of_you,
Our Lady of Blades


I love Southern Isolation... I think Opal is so talented... but now that Phil and her are divorced what's going to become of the music?

I was super happy when they first got married. I respected Phil a lot for not marrying some dingy pornstar the way so many rockstars do. He chose a smart talented beautiful woman. Too bad the married life is just not for him... They're over now... it's sad...

I hope she finds good musicians and releases another album.. she's too talented to let it go to waste.
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I really like her too. I was happy for them both when they got married too, because it was just such an "aww" moment, ya know? :P
I really hope that she goes on to be successful. She's really talented.. just as you said.
I feel bad for her, because she was with him for so long and then divorced him after a short time of being married. :(